Akothee looking for temporary baby daddy to get her pregnant!

Madam boss Akothee is ready to have baby number 6 but the only problem comes in since she has not found a man to step in and get her pregnant!

The mother of 5 revealed this through her Instagram account where she went on to make the announcement. According to Akothee she misses being pregnant and since she can’t travel to perform anywhere; the only thing she now craves is pregnancy which will keep her busy.

Kenyan singer, Akothee

Well, if you know madam boss, then I am pretty sure you understand that as much as this sounds like a joke; it’s actually not! Through her Instagram page the lady wrote;

“I just want to get pregnant right now, Uwii my ovaries ???? ,I miss this feeling , because I can’t see myself traveling or performing anywhere any soon with this Corona ????????????”


Despite sharing the news on her social media pages. Ms Akothee went on to reveal that her offer comes with conditions.

Akothee with son, Prince Ojwang

Anyone willing to get her pregnant will however not be allowed to live in her home since she wants no stress. Akothee went on to add saying;

Sorry you can’t stick around ,I don’t want stress ????????

Dry spell?

With coronavirus everywhere, it has now become hard for anyone to move around; and of course many single people have been facing a tough time since they can’t meet up with their helpers!

Anyway, since nothing in life is permanent many can’t help but hope that this dark season will soon fade away; allowing everyone to get back to their old lives! Especially for all team singles!

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