Akothee Opens Up On Battling Depression 5 Times

Kenyan entrepreneur and singer Esther Akoth (Akothee) has opened up on her struggles battling depression for 5 times.
According to Akothee, depression greatly contributed to her massive weight gain; which she showed in pictures. Taking to her social media, the mother of 5 shared deep details of how she battled depression.
”5 TIMES I SUCCUMBED TO DEPRESSION ( Mental Health Is Real ) 2018, 2019, 2021 ????????????????I have not changed , you all showed me whom you are .I gave you my best ,that’s the very much I could give , if I would go further than that ,I would find myself in this situation, on the streets or 6 feet under.I am still the same sweet Esther ,the loving one the kind one the sane who supported everyone that needed support , the only thing that has changed in her is . BOUNDARIES.
I Built boundaries to guard my sanity . After battling depression without knowingI now guard my space like its life and death.1. I let go anything that tampers with my peace. 2. I avoid procrastinations and do what is right at the right time, I don’t postpone problems.  3. I say NO immediately my guts start swelling. 4. I don’t stay in any wassap groups I quickly and immediately leave as soon as I sense its getting toxic or could be I am the Toxic one. 5. I avoid family politics as much as I can , family politics can drive Nuts therefore I am not in any family wassap groups. 6. I shut down gossips before they get into my system. 7. Very limited online flights, I rarely exchange with fans online , we now just have fun…I am at peace now.”
Akothee continued to claim that she has blocked several people because of putting up with her mental peace.

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