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Akothee Pens Shrewd Piece Of Advise To Single Ladies (Screenshot)

October 28, 2022 at 10:24
Akothee Pens Shrewd Piece Of Advise To Single Ladies (Screenshot)

Musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth has sent some shrewd piece of advice to single women who are searching for men who are able to spoil them with a lavish lifestyle. Akothee’s advice was expedited by the rumour that she was bought for a Prado by her current mzungu boyfriend. The car she was gifted is estimated to cost around 7 million Kenya shillings.

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Akothee’s Advice

The fact that most women dream of getting spoilt by men, even when they’re single, makes it hard to find true love. And here’s what Akothee had to admonish women who want to attract rich men.

”Ukioga urudi soko, usiende kama unataka kuuza, nenda sokoni kama mnunuzi. Wewe ata chai huwezi nunulia mwanaume, na unataka atoe pesa zake akununulie prado? Aah, sis zako zitokee kwanza ajue unajiweza. Tetemesha mzee. Wanaume was siku hizi hawataki liabilities, atleast bring some brains basi kama pesa hauna. Story zako nyingi ni za dunda na Dubai. Ukiamka kila siku uko ma hangover unaitisha sup kitandani. Mtajenga lini sis.”

Akothee revealed that the reason she was not getting married to a Kenyan was because she did not get one that treated her right. Akothee, who is also a mother of five has had quite a number of men come in and out of her life quite so often, and how he manages to attract rich men only seems to be a mystery for many.


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