Akothee: People will only love you when you are dead and can’t compete with them 

Singer Akothee has always been fighting Kenyans. The mother of five more than a dozen times has been attacked by Kenyans online because of her dress code and stand.

Dead and loved

Well it seems she still doesn’t care what you think of her or even say about her. Taking to Instagram, Akothee shared that people will only love you when your are dead. It’s a case we have seen with many entertainers once they pass on and everyone rushes to google them.

Here’s what she said:

“You will receive a lot of love when you are dead and gone , because that’s when no one wants to compete with you, people, fans will show up to your burial more than they show up on your shows, presenters will play your music back to back in the memory of the good music you produced more than the times they did while you were alive.” she said. 


“All celebrities will post R.I.P and call you all name’s, when they never shared your work, nor wish you A HAPPYBIRTHDAY, they will say how much you motivated them , yet they never told you nor comment , they’d rather Dm you so fans don’t see that they follow you! if only someone could die and come back to see how much love people had for them that they don’t show you while you are alive , But why ? LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST NO ONE CARES . Let me see the love my people have for me.”  

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