Akothee responds after high school humiliated her by rescinding mentorship invitation

Akothee was invited to speak to high school girls at Ngiya Girls High School. The school reached out to her because her organization, the Akothee Foundation, could reach out to other like-minded companies to support the school’s initiative. However, the invitation was revoked after protests from parents and alumni who felt that Akothee did not fit the speaker profile.

Akothee graciously accepted the cancellation, but she also expressed her disappointment. She thanked the school for considering her as a mentor and said that she was surprised by the protests. She said that she has a lot to offer young women, and she believes that she could have been a positive influence on the students.

Akothee’s cancellation is a reminder that not everyone is comfortable with her outspoken and unconventional lifestyle. However, it is also a reminder of her resilience and strength. She has faced many challenges in her life, but she has always come out stronger. She is an inspiration to many people, and she will continue to use her platform to speak out for what she believes in.

She took to her social media pages to share the following statement:

“Ngiya Girls High School is now on the map, known globally, even those who didn’t know Ngiya Girls, Now they know ????????, I pray that your new development of having a foundation within the school will uplift a lot of souls. ????I really appreciate the love and faith you have for me????. I will still support any course that will leave a positive impact on our society. I will still support where I can even from where I am standing. May God bless you.”

She also called out the person she thought was behind it

“To the Arch Bishop, I understand where you are coming from, continue praying for us sinners ,so we could all meet in heaven on that day ????i. In Jesus’ name Amen ????”


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