Akothee Reveals The Complicated Illness She Has Been Battling

Despite Akothee flauting her lavish and happy lifestyle, the mother of 5 hasn’t been all that well. The mother of 5 has revealed that she has been struggling with an illness; which even gave her an uncanny appearance.

Taking to her Instagram, Akothee penned a detailed message calibrating her struggle with the illness;

”I was battling a monster in my head . Something was messing up with my brain , I was struggling inside a body fighting to live and a mind ready to switch off.
I was overwhelmed with outbursts and unctrolled emotions. I was struggling with being me without offending anyone , I was struggling to accept what fame throws at me. I was accepting that at some point I will have to let quite Alot go . I was struggling with letting some people out of my life without hurting them & love them from far , oooh yes I was struggling with accepting that most of the times I will have to parent virtually and all the huge mansions left for me the dogs and the birds . I was struggling with not feeling bad when I meet fans who are exited to see me and I was not in the mood of seing anyone excited, at some point it felt like naggings, phone calls were irritable and I saw most of the people coming for me and not to me. Ohh yes ,I was struggling for my space .
I almost lost it ,I felt suffocated with Alot ????
At some point I could not breath at night just from the blues ,I would ask my partner to open the windows ,I was suffocating,
From one night to the other ,I woke up with my left side numb ,the numbness spread from my neck to my leg . I woke up with one side completely feeling dead . I panicked and from one day to the next ,I lost energy on my left arm ,not able to lift anything.

I developed pinched nerve and I was due for surgery ????????????
I equally developed Alot of pain in my left ear .

After several hospital visits , I moved out of my mansions and went to put up with my sister in-law . She has 3 kids and I could only get some sleep when I heard children voices .
When any of my friends called me ,I would just start crying ????????????????????????????
For no reason . I felt alone in the world full of human beings ,
I lost energy and was completely exhausted sucked up and sucked put ????.
I was put onto antidepressants which made me even worse, The emotions were doubled and crazy panick attacks ????
From one day to the next I needed stronger sleeping tablets ,
One day I asked a doctor to just Inject me with a strooooooooong sleeping medicine so I can sleeeeep”

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