Akothee reveals what its like having her 3 baby daddies in 1 WhatsApp group

Image: Akothee with lover

In an interview with TV47, singer Akothee shared some surprising insights into her love life and experiences as a parent.

Akothee, who has five children from three different fathers, revealed that she created a WhatsApp group to foster co-parenting among her baby daddies. However, she said that managing the group has been challenging, as one of her baby daddies is quite dramatic and possessive.

“When I am in a relationship, he starts drama. He does not want me with another man,” Akothee said. “The same baby daddy makes me cry every day. My son is 14 years old, and I still think that I have 4 more years to cry. He is very stubborn and keeps on leaving the WhatsApp group. He blocks me, unblocks, then returns to the group. He is very stubborn.”

Akothee also opened up about her past relationships and marriages. She revealed that her first marriage, which took place when she was just 14 years old, had a budget of only Sh2500. Her most recent wedding, on the other hand, cost her about Sh8 million.

The singer also spoke about her struggles with an ex-husband who fell in love with another woman and denied her access to essential documents. This led Akothee to take matters into her own hands, as she started working as a taxi driver in Mombasa to support herself.

Speaking about her love life further, Akothee revealed that she met the ‘stubborn’ mzungu who desired to have a child with her while she was working as a dancer. The self-proclaimed “Madam Boss” stated that she has never been dumped by any of her ex-lovers, asserting that she always leaves them.

“Wazungus go crazy over my long legs and start chasing me. Just know I can’t be dumped. I am the one who leaves them,” she confidently stated.

Akothee’s recent marriage to Denis Schweizer seems to have brought her happiness. However, she warned her husband, should they ever part ways, urging him to avoid unnecessary drama as she feels she is too old to handle additional pressures.

As one of Kenya’s most outspoken and controversial entertainers, Akothee captures the public’s attention with her life stories, music, and remarkable personality.

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