Akothee shares her agonizing experience with fake friends and why she doesn’t help poor people…Zari Hassan comes out guns blazing to support her

Always trust Akothee to tell it like it, no matter what as she did the other day on people around her life.

Just like Lilian Muli put it, they are all heifers as she narrates in a shocking post on her instagram.

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And she talked about a lot of things, including how they are constantly around her because they want something. Because they want her food, drinks and instagram photos something she’s totally sick off.

She also spoke of how some meddle in her business something which has taught her one thing and one thing only, that she’s all alone in all this.

And that’s why she doesn’t bother helping people because she’s working hard to support her own, her family and kids because when it’s all gone they will be the only ones to stick around.

And I think her message was so touching that even Zari had to comment.

Check out what she said:


when I gave birth to Oyoo & Ojwang , I only recieved gifts from not more than 2 friends , the rest came drunk my wine swam the whole day & left , when I did a wedding for 1 of my employees , I recieved 10k from a friend of mine ? the rest came enjoyed & left , on my birthdays I recieve no flowers nor gifts maybe from a datemate or baby daddies, some say they can’t pay to come see my show but they inbox me that they want to meet me badly , so I sit down and ask myself ? If I go broke today , which door can I knock !!!! am not an NGO, or WHO , I can only help when am able too, this is Africa & shit is real , if I start giving out everything I have worked for , where will I be with my many children ? now that no one ever calls me for a drink ? may be now because they will need fotos for istagram ?am afraid if I ever get pregnant that child will be indoors , for most people will come to check if it’s black or white , for they think they know me ????, if you were not on the conception date , don’t ask me stupid questions like who is the father nkt, then you drop your miserable life and take my child for a case study as if its a laboratory, ati hee he looks like so & so& so , if he is not looking like your father take some actol to chilux your bile

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