Akothee Should Practice What She Preaches

Akothee has recently been at loggerheads with bloggers writing negative things about her. She has made videos threatening to sue anyone who dares cross her line.

The interesting thing is, no one is taking Akothee seriously; she has contributed to all the negativity she receives. Her conspicuous skits involving white men has been an endless colloquy that won’t stop soon.

Despite being a mother of 5, Akothee is always up & down, looking for love and replacing men like it’s no big deal. Either way, we have to admit she’s enjoying her life with her own money.

From her socials, we can discern the latter; and add how real she is when it comes to putting things in black & white. She doesn’t fake it.

Akothee’s Controversial Advice

Recently,  Akothee shared about Davido’s loss of his son with Chioma. She supports the speculations that some people have an ‘evil eye’ on social media.

Her caption read;

This message is very deep wao ????????????

”Keep your love and pregnancy off social media . Evil eye is REAL.

Despite supporting the same, Akothee lives contrary to it. We’re used to her posting her love life on social media; subjecting herself to public scrutiny. She’s never tardy when it comes to posting her new man. Either way, it’s actually a good piece of advice, but Akothee doesn’t live up to it.



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