Akothee take it slow, you don’t have to win every online battle

Image: Akothee admitted to hospital

Singer Akothee must be facing some tough time judging from how she has been moving on social media. You see, for the past few weeks, the lass has been dealing with family drama – then there was the sibling rivalry story that claims she has been competing with her younger sister Cebbie.

Well, judging from Akothees weekend post we can now tell that the her mental and physical health are not so good – which leaves me wondering why she exposes herself to such situations when she can hire a social media manager to handle such situations on her behalf.

Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

Akothee admitted to hospital

Okay we get it, Akothee isn’t the type of woman to let bloggers troll or paint her in a certain way; nor is she willing to let relatives pick on her – yet she is the reason they are who they are today. So she claims.

Anyway with all this pressure the singer was recently admitted to hospital and Akothee being ‘a star’ she had to post it on social media – maybe for pyblic sympathy or something….but either way she still publicized it.

Akothee admitted to hospital…….again

But come to think of it…..why wouldn’t she just avoid the whole drama queen stunts to avoid landing herself in hospital every now and then….I mean is it really worth it?

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