Akothee to Jalang’o: Please help me join Coke Studio Africa

It’s hard to imagine that any artiste would seek help from a presenter at this time when musicians have turned up the heat on TV and radio presenters.

But Akothee is desperate, and she knows only Jalang’o can help. The controversial singer wants to join Coke Studio Africa but she doesn’t know how to go about it.

For starters, Coke Studio Africa is a music collaboration show that brings together diverse African music talent to create covers, mashups and even original compositions.

The 2019 Coke Studio is currently underway, several African music heavyweights have been jetting into the country for Coke Studio Africa 2019. Local musicians like Otile Brown, Naiboi, Khaligraph Jones have been selected for Coke Studio 2019.

Jalang’o responds

Akothee took to social media grumble about how she has been snubbed by Coke Studio. She called on Jalang’o to assist her join Coke Studio Africa.

“And can someone explain to me the proccess of selection on coke studio? whats coke studio by the way ? I have seen artists go there repetedly , nasikia nikujuana, sasa mimi Akoth najua tu @jalangoo na yeye anajua tu luo festival nani atatupeleka coke studio na iko tu hapa kenya ??? you will not block us forever, once the light is shinning even the darkness dissapears, we actually dont have night its the shadow from the sun that brings in dawn , watch this space , thank God for yutube abd fans , wengine tungelua kwa choo, let me be thinned by mine pris,” wrote Akothee.

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Jalang’o responded telling Akothee to be a little patient. He promises her that he will make some calls to inquire why she has not yet been selected to join Coke Studio Africa.

“Kuwa mpole baby…ukishanijua inatosha…Wacha niwapigie nuwaulize kwanini Oyoyo hapana iko coke studio ????,” Jalang’o replied.

Akothee showed her satisfaction with Jalango’s response, saying that;

@jalangoo baaaas si unaona, yaani hata oyoyo ngoma kubwa hawajatambua studio coke? fanta studio itaweza , na luo festival nashukuru bafo iko , kwasababu ilinijenga

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