Akothee’s Husband Leaves Her To Go Abroad

Akothee has been deeply in love with her mzungu bae for a while. But her impeccable love for white men can’t go un-noticed. She has managed to date a couple of them. And even got married & divorced to them.

But her current boyfriend Omosh has dearly swept him off her feet. Akothee has lamented over his departure and claims that he’s going to come back to her.

“Guys marriage works . Omosh left yesterday afternoon and I feel like he left last month , I didn’t want to eat alone ,so I went and had dinner with my sister & her family who lives next to me , today I only ate lunch because my mother was visiting, now I have no passion to cook because I can’t eat alone. Can’t go to my sister its raining and I am lazy & tired
My chef is on leave and my hubby not here , life is difficult.

I made a mistake to tell Omosh I can’t eat alone.
Now he has booked his flight ,instead of two weeks ,he will come back in 5 days . Eeee mapenziiiii ,
Nani atakuja kukaa na mimi Hadi Omosh arudi,” she wrote.

Akothee has been gushing over Omosh for a while and it seems that they’ll be in love for a while. But will her return?

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