Akothee’s Mzungu Boyfriend Isn’t Man Enough

Akothee is replacing men out here like a piece of cake. The mother of 5 isn’t tardy when it comes to getting a new lover. It will only take her days, or a few months to clinch a man.

The fact that she’s a sucker for love pushes her to cosseting newly found love. Over the years, we have learnt that she’s in love with white men. The men she has dated says it all.

After her break-up with her former manager Nelly Oaks, it took her less than half a year to get another lover; a white man, whom she monikered Omondi. The dude didn’t even have an Instagram account. But Akothee made sure he was on social media. She has been flaunting him over & over; confessing how he swept her off her feet.

They have been head over heels for each other since then. And their chemistry is quite palpable.

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Akothee’s New ‘Bimbo’ Lover

Akothee with lover

With her boyfriend in tow, Akothee has been up & down doing interviews on how they’re ‘meant to be’ and how she met the new guy. The conspicuous thing is, the guy is always silent behind the scenes. Additionally, Akothee has been claiming that they already have investments together, and that the guy bought her a new car. It’s in black & white that she’s the bread winner among them. But she’s hiding it. The guy doesn’t seem to be as interested as Akothe. And if so, he’s not showing it. I bet the relationship will be short-lived.


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