Akothee’s Sister Misses Out On Her Wedding

Despite Akothee splashing millions on her lavish wedding, her sister Cebbie did not show up to help her celebrate the new milestone.

The two are well known not to be in good terms. And this is the main reason for Cebbie not showing up in the ceremony.

The first ever sign of things going wrong with the siblings was back in 2020, when Cebbie claimed Akothee was struggling financially and faking her riches on the gram.

Cebbie was supposedly telling her then boyfriend how Akothee wasn’t wealthy and fakes being rich for Instagram..

“She has nothing at all even to pay her kids fee. She picked two boys in 2017 and employed them at Akothee Safaris, they have never even gone to a computer or driving school. She has nothing.”

Cebbie later said that Kenya’s richest singer was no longer helping out the family. Leaked screenshots of the terrible things Cebbie said were then dropped online.

Cebbie through gossip king Edgar Obare hinted Akothee couldn’t pay fees. Their beef has been conspicuous over the years, and Cebbie not showing up at Akothee’s wedding depicts there’s more surreptitious things we don’t know about.

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