Akothee’s wise advise to Anerlisa Muigai about fake friends

Akothee is one woman who can write…I think in another life she would have made a good editor; if not a life coach who keeps fishing advises to fans on social media.

Anyway hours after Phoina shared a video hanging out with Omar Lali; a man said to have had a hand in the death of Keroche heiresses, Tecra Muigai – fans on social media could not keep calm.

Phoina with Omari Lali

The viral video was widely shared on social media and it actually got worse when Edgar’s students started discussing it.

I guess this is where Anerlisa Muigai (sister to the late Tecra) came across it; and seeing how close friend, Phoina was acting around Lali, she (Aner) decided to end the friendship with a post where she wrote;

Ex besties

Akothee’s offers wise words

Of course there are those who feel that Phoina is not to blame about the Lali issue; but again, I’m guessing her mistake was sharing the video online when everyone knows about the Tecra issue.

Anyway, seems like Akothee also came across the video which inspired her “fake friends” post. Although Akothee did not name any names; madam boss through her gram wrote;

Never get scared of malicious people. If there is something you can’t control is what a human being is capable of doing,
But you can control your energy by allowing malicious people practice their malice far away from you.


She went on to add;


????There are Toxic people within your circle,that drains you without knowing,
Characteristics of a TOXIC Friend .
1. Their phone calls starts with .
Eeee ,I have seen someone write some shit about you ,mmmmmm ( block this one is our to spoil your mood)
????A Friend if mine tried talk shit about you ,I blasted her ????
2. They will ignore your calls when they are busy,blue tick you ,but you can’t do the same to them , just one blue tick ,follows with another sentence ( anyway ,I saw something on social media and decided to check on you ????)
3. They will be unavailable when you are single , they will be at your disposal when you are dating , nonstop phone calls , with nothing to talk about other than , other pipo, ( avoid this person ,he wants to divert your attention)
4. They will bulshit any of your ideas and make you look like a lunatic,later they will copy ????????????????????????.
5. They never report things as they are ,they don’t start with a statement, first it starts with a laugh ,followed by mmmmmmm, you know ????, just work you up ????????????????????????????.
The moment they start with you know , run ,they are about to lie ????????????

Just live your life ,do as your heart tells you ????????

Let’s hope Anerlisa got the chance to read the message!

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