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Akuku Danger and Sandra Adacha make a strong case for polygamy

June 29, 2022 at 15:03
Akuku Danger and Sandra Adacha make a strong case for polygamy

Akuku Danger is a married man. Who knew? Certainly not me with the way he is always seen on social media cavorting with Sandra Adacha the plus-size actress and influencer. I actually thought they were the primary couple but I was clearly sorely mistaken given the fact that Sandra recently went online to blast him for always sharing content of himself with his wife. Her jealousy got the better of her.

‘My Grandfather Had 264 Wives’- Akuku Danger Claps Back At Sandra Dacha

And to think Edgar Obare also had a video of him with a younger, more nubile and less obese spring chicken that he was enjoying some downtime with… So that would bring the number of women in his orbit to a grand total of 3 -absolutely abysmal numbers. Those are rookie numbers and in this lothario racket, he will have to pump those up.

But I would argue that this is yet another case for us to fully embrace polygamy. That will help men like Akuku because they will be taught by more competent men how to actually conduct themselves as men in polygamous relationships and how to handle those relationships and marriages. This would mean that the women in the relationships would win as they would be treated much better and not have to deal with confused manlings.

Alaaa!- Drama Galore As Sandra Dacha Reveals She’s Akuku Danger’s Sidechick (Screenshot)

On the flipside, it would also help women come to terms with the fact that men would ideally love to be polygamous and not have to hide this fact. Sandra Adacha is one example of a woman who would benefit from actually seeing her relationship legitimized. And as for Akuku Danger’s wife, she’d not have to endure useless posts from the side chic who is clamouring for her spot as everyone would have their spot.

You see, as Kenyans become more and more progressive and begin to accept LGBTQ members of our society to openly live their best lives, we need to also support the traditional African family: a polygamous setting. After all, even men who want polygamy for themselves were born this way. And hell, even women who want to get involved in polyandry can wet their beaks -or have them wet by multiple men.

This is the only way we can strengthen our society: accepting who we are as Africans and teaching our children how to conduct such families in a healthy manner. Because at the end of the day, whether or not Mrs Akuku agrees to it, her husband is clearly a polygamous man. What she needs is to ensure she has security and that he is not constantly chasing tail. She should also ensure he doesn’t bring any disease home.

As for Sandra Adacha, we get it, she is convinced he is the best man she can get so she is going to cling to him. Perhaps if she were given the security of knowing she is a part of his family as the second wife, she can begin to focus more on building their legacy as a family. And it’s not like we haven’t seen these situations work before. We saw it with Professor Hamo and his two wives.

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