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Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital following breathing complications

January 31, 2022 at 09:41
Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital following breathing complications

Comedian Akuku Danger was readmitted to the Nairobi West hospital this past weekend after complaining of breathing issues. As per reports, Akuku has been having some difficulties in breathing since he was discharged but is now in the care of doctors.

This information was revealed by girlfriend , Sandra Dacha who shared the comedian’s health update on her social media pages saying;

We are back to the hospital again

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Difficulties in breathing AGAIN

Akuku Danger

Comedian’s health

About a month ago Akuku Danger was admitted to hospital following long term battle with sickle cell anemia. At first, he was set up in the intensive care unit due to his poor health but was later moved to the HDU after showing some improvement.

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He however left the hospital 3 days ago after getting discharged. According to his girlfriend, this was only made possible after he signed an agreement to clear the remaining Ksh 2 million hospital bill in 3 weeks; but little did he know that he would be back to the same hospital bed in less than 48 hours.

Anyway announcing this through social media – Sandra Dacha shared a photo of the comedian in his hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask to which she captioned;

Akuku Danger

Difficulties in breathing AGAIN. He is currently at the HDU as we speak. Keep praying for @itsakukudanger


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