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Akuku Danger Responds To Sandra Dacha’s Cheating Allegations

November 15, 2022 at 15:06
Akuku Danger Responds To Sandra Dacha's Cheating Allegations

Actress Sandra Dacha is fed up with Akuku Danger for his recent actions. And to add salt to the injury, she has decided to call it quits with the jester.

According to Sandra, Akuku Danger has been on a cheating spree which she has been tolerating, including having a wife & kid without letting her know.

The actress recently took to her Instagram to call out the comedian for dancing with another woman.

”First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!😭😭
Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka.
Enough is enough!!
Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me.
Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man i have been dealing with.”

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Akuku Danger Responds

Akuku’s response was imminent in order to sort things out with Sandra Dacha. And in his response in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, the funnyman claimed the dance was just for fun. Akuku Danger continued to purport he has tried to call several times to sort things out but his effort have ended in a cul de sac. He however, apologized, promised to make it up to Dacha and confessed his undying love for her. Akuku Danger claimed that Dacha is still disappointed and even left his house.



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