Alaa Alaaaar! KoT refuse to keep calm after learning why Huddah is stuck in Dubai

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Huddah is rumored to be in trouble after being linked to on and off boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella.

From what we have learnt is that Bella is currently behind bars after he was arrested in the United States on March 18, 2021; for conspiring to steal over Ksh1.5 billion ($14 million) in COVID-19 relief loans.

Apocalypse Bella

Although details about this case remain unknown to the public; word has it that the FBI is currently investigating all those involved with Bella; meaning socialite Huddah also became a suspect  due to her close relationship with the alleged conman.

So far, rumor has it that the socialite cannot leave Dubai; and is currently in ‘house arrest’ which explains why she hasn’t visited Kenya for 2 years now.

Huddah with bae, Apocalypse Bella
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Fans react

Although she continue to live the lavish lifestyle – Kenyans on Twitter now claim that they do not envy the lady since chances are that the case will not favor her.

Some have however gone ahead to sympathize with the petite socialite hoping she will not join boyfriend and Hushpuppi in jail. But chances are that Huddah will walk out free since her only mistake is; flying to Dubai to shake what her mama gave her on a yacht – for alleged conmen and money launderers.

Anyway, as for now all we know is that she cannot leave Dubai until the Hushpuppi case is settled.

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