Alaaaaa! Eric Omondi denies wanting ex Chantal Grazioli back

You see everyone was surprised to see Eric Omondi come online and defend his ex girlfriend Chantal Grazioli; after she received one harsh beating from her now boyfriend, Nicola Traldi.

Like, is that what exes are doing now? Cleaning up their exes messes after they’ve moved on? Ama kila nyani na starehe zake?

Anyway the 40 year comedian not only exposed but also shared a video showing how badly his ex girl was hurt; and being a light skinned woman – clearly she bruised up like a peach – something you wouldn’t wish on anybody’s daughter.


Well as fans called out Nicola, they also demanded for justice which explains why he is now behind bars. Apart from that, they’re are those who feel that Eric Omondi helped Chantal because he still has hopes of getting her back. Wow.

Eric Omondi on wanting a relationship with Chantal

Okay, I know we all have that one ex we all feel got away and in this case – fans feel that Eric Omondi lost his gem and that is Chantal Grazioli. This is because of how he stepped in to defend her from her violent man….call it simping…but I’ll promise you that Eric won a few hearts with that stunt.

Comedian Eric Omondi with girlfriend, Chantal

And after sampling his tugirlfriends and still not settling down; netizens claim God opened a window for Omondi to win his girl back but from his interview with Milele FM’s Ankali – Eric says that is not the case;

Mimi na Chantal tunaongea sana, unajua karibu tuoane. Tulipoachana tuliachana kwa uzuri. Mimi na Chantal tumekuwa na urafiki wa ukaribu. Sio lazima ukisaidia mtu ati murudiane. Hamna! Mimi nimemove on na maisha yangu.”

According to the comedian, he only did this because Nicola was threatening to involve the ‘who and who’ running the nation; as a defense mechanism to prove nothing will happen to him.

Huyo jamaa alikuwa anam threaten, anajua the who is who. Hiyo ndiyo reason alinipigia, maanake pia yeye lazima angetafuta mtu ambaye pia ako juu. Mimi Mungu ameniweka juu. Si unona ameshikwa?

Well….let’s wait and see how the story will go after this. Don’t be surprised if Nicola wins Chantal back – leaving Eric Omondi on the sideline.

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