Alaaar! DJ Shiti’s baby mama reveals the amount of money comedian sends as child-support

For the past few days DJ Shiti and his ‘wife’ Fash Hussein have been entertaining their fans with their family drama and I would be lying if I said we don’t enjoy watching all this from the sidelines.

I mean, if not for these two would I be here telling you how ugly their breakup and baby upkeep issues?

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Comedian DJ Shiti accused of neglecting daughter

Anyway a few days we reported that Fash Hussein is now claiming her baby daddy DJ Shiti is a deadbeat father to their child, Mariam. The revelation was however made a few months after  the couple parted ways following a misunderstanding – and now that they’re not together why not say it like it is, right? Digital love.

Fash on why DJ Shiti is a deadbeat

Well for a minute we all assumed the reason Fash Hussein is exposing DJ Shiti is due to their ugly breakup tuseme tu ukweli but turns out that she had her own ‘valid’ reasons.

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DJ Shiti

Well, with Shiti denying claims of being a deadbeat dad – his baby mama has now shared a screenshot showing the amount of money the comedian sends for his daughter’s upkeep.

From the Mpesa screenshot, Shiti whose real names are apparently only sent Ksh 150 for baby…wait what? Na hii economy alafu ikupate na Fuliza..machooos but don’t get it twisted I’m just reporting not taking sides…Lakini Shiti!

To caption her post Fash wrote;

Tangu lini was 150 inalea mtoto???mchawi ni Wewe!!!! Jiheshimu.

Judging from how the baby issue is ongoing – all I can say is stay tuned because this pull and push will keep recurring for a while.

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