Alaaar! Linah responds after ex husband, KRG refers to her as “Model was nguo za ksh 999”

Image: Krg with ex wife, Linah and a friend

KRG the Don must have really hurt after his wife Linah left him. From what we’ve heard is that the two fell out after Linah started rolling around with her chokora sister who was allegedly hooking her up with different new men.

According to KRG the Don his wife was busy attending to others trying to live a life that wasn’t meant for her. For some reason – this made him so bitter to a point he started calling her unprintable names; forgetting they have two sons together.

KRG the Don Throws Shade At Ex-Wife For Taking ‘Fake’ Photos (Screenshot)

Okay…we get it, he was hurt and wanted pay back – back isn’t kicking her out and taking the boys away from their mum enough? I thought men handle breakups different from women? But again…this is KRG. He can’t stop throwing shade at his ex and as seen on his last post directed to her – the dancehall fan wrote;

Get back on your lane

Wait….I’m I the only one who doesn’t follow up on what my exes are doing out here? I mean – for someone who just asked for divorce like KRG….I’m thinking he should be fed up with his sons mother and not following up – but clearly KRG’s life doesn’t feel the same without him having some gossip on his ex wife, Linah.

If I were him….with all that money… me keeping up with an ex wouldn’t be on the list. But like they say, money can’t buy happiness which is why we sort of understand KRG’s misery.

Anyway having seen what ex husband wrote on social media about her boutique business, Linah has also responded.

Not that she really cares about what the guy has to say…Linah shared a sarcastic meme which read;

Leo nimeona niwasamilie wale am so wakiona post zangu wanajiskia kutapika…Habari zenu wagonjwa!


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