Alaar! Ben Pol reveals why he can never get back with ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai (Video)

Image: Ben Pol and Anerlisa

At this point, Ben Pol has confirmed a rumors that has always been directed at Anerlisa Muigai; that she is controlling, spoilt and above all – very very selfish!

Not my words but clearly it’s all starting to make sense. Well, just recently Ben Pol who is known for hit song Roho Machine and of course his title as Anerlisa’s husband has come out to talk about their ongoing divorce.

Anerlisa after rumored failed marriage with Ben Pol

Speaking to Sky of SnS – the humble Ben Pol shared a little information about their divorce; but being protective – he chose not to expose his ex wife.

However judging from his tone, it’s obvious to hear that Ben Pol was with holding a lot; and unlike other men all he wanted was peace.

Battle with depression

At some point while talking about the break up Ben Pol went on to reveal that he got into depression; which affected his mental health and entire life routine.

Singer Ben Pol looking skinny after breakup

For example – Ben Pol would have breakfast at night, lunch at midnight and supper in the wee hours of the night. Call it confusion.

This also affected his well built body as he lost so much weight; and looking at him – it’s evident to see the physical changes on Ben Pol.

Missing ex wife?

Having put up with tantrums, unnecessary on and off breakups, being controlled and threatened; Ben Pol says he is done with his marriage with Anerlisa for good.

Ben Pol files for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

The singer revealed this after Sky inquired whether he had any romantic feelings towards his ex wife; to which Ben Pol said;

Ahhh…mimi namuombea tu heri kwa Mipango yake; lakini ukizungumzia eti kumzimia…ah hakuna kitu kinaweza tokea kati ya mie na yeye. Nadhani labda nazinguka sana, lakini nadhani nina haki ya kusema kuwa sina hisia wala simfeel kabisa.

Sad part is that Aner’s exes always tend to run away from her despite all the money and fame she has; but clearly something about her keeps chasing these handsome men away…so let’s just call it beautiful but unlucky!

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