Alaar! Kamene Goro openly blames parents for ruining her

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Kiss FM’s radio host Kamene Goro says that her rebellious character is a result of her parents strictness. Yes, just like most of you who grew up with tough parents demanding respect even from toddlers; turns out that Kamene’s childhood was no different.

Kenyan fine babe Kamene Goro

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Speaking about her past through her Kiss FM morning show; Kamene Goro openly blamed her parents for being the reason she is so hard headed.

According to the presenter, her parents are the type of people who had a strict routine to be followed; and unlike kids of today who can cry in supermarkets (demanding something) Kamene says  back then; you would be left on your own.

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You couldn’t even cry in the supermarket, utawachwa.

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They were super strict and only loosened up after we became adults.

The woman she has since become

Well, it’s no secret that Kamene Goro is moto wa kuotea mbali and to our surprise the lady also knows she is one rebellious and hardheaded person!

However according to her, she blames her parents for making her this way.

I blame them for my being rebellious. That is why niliharibika my parents’ strictness is what ruined me. If they were not as strict I would not be as rebellious as I am today; I would be as soft as Nicah.

But I kinda disagree with Kamene….imagine if her parents were soft on her, si Kamene Goro angetusumbua vibaya sana?

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