Alaar! KRG the Don reacts to photos of ex wife hanging out with alleged bae, Mbogi Genje’s manager

My colleague recently wrote a detailed article talking about why KRG should stop airing his family business on social media. This is after he insulted the now ex wife, together with her sisters and even dragged his two boys in the mess….like Ozymandias said, what kind of man pulls such stunt…and at this point I am so tempted to say kwani sisi ni wanawake. No offense.

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Barely two months after the article, KRG is back to discussing his ex wife Linah and we can blame it on Mbogi Genje. Well a few days ago netizens had a field day trolling KRG, after his ex wife was linked to Elvis – Mbogi Genje’s manager; and judging from the video and photos shared – it was only fair to conclude hawa wawili (Linah and Elvis) wanajuana kwa vilemba. Or in short, they’re involved.

With the story out, of course several tabloids tried reaching out to the dancehall artiste hoping to hear what he had to say. At first, he played hard to get until this past weekend when he finally addressed the issue.

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KRG’s ex wife with Mbogi Genje’s manager

I don’t care – KRG

Well unlike other exes who would be bitter over their baby mama jumping in the hands of an ‘archenemy’ turns out KRG doesn’t even care. Okay, wait….that is what he alleges but judging from what he says – it’s obvious to tell there’s some bitterness in his words; like woman why would you embarrass me like that?

Anyway in his own words, KRG said:

I don’t care cause one, she is out of my house and is no longer my wife so whatever she does outside there is none of my business. She’s a citizen of the country even if she wants to live with a hundred men, it’s her business. Life will catch up with her later.

Then again, he goes to add that she has no kids (the two boys) insisting that she only played the part of a surrogate…ouch KRG…and that then adds an important point of asking whether anyone had ever seen her with the kids since she walked out on him.

No, we don’t have kids together. She just produced kids for me. She has no kids. Have you ever seen her with kids? The kids are mine.

Cool down tiger…it’s just the anger, right? Anyway at this point it’s either they take up the drama to a family court, Wazee in the village or something cause clearly these two can’t handle this on their own.

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