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Alaar! Meet hunk footballer chasing Rayvanny’s baby mama (Photos)

July 26, 2021 at 15:55
Alaar! Meet hunk footballer chasing Rayvanny’s baby mama (Photos)

Truth is, Fahyma still loves Rayvanny despite the painful break; and public embarrassment she has faced since the guy walked out on her.

Well, there are those who claim that she deserves the pain (cause of her ego) but honestly; Rayvanny couldn’t have handled the break up better. But hey…wanaume ni wale wale.

Rayvanny and Paula

Anyway, it is no secret that Rayvanny is now dating Paula Kajala; but for some reason the new couple ain’t making headlines as expected; but I’m guessing this because Ray handled himself abit immature.

Bonnie and Clyde

From Rayvanny’s latest posts we understand that he see’s his new relationship; as that of Bonnie and Clyde (like the American criminal couple) but it’s okay we understand – it’s the honeymoon phase!

Unfortunately for them, fans aren’t giving them the attention they expected; but now we know why!

H Baba chasing Fahyma?

Well with Rayvanny enjoying his new woman, there are potential boyfriends that have started showing interest in Fahyma; and the one that has left many talking is singer cum business mogul H Baba!

H Baba

Judging from several Tz tabloids, we understand that H Baba is a wealthy man who has successful businesses in Tz and abroad.

Apart from his money, the fella also has looks that would make any woman want to flaunt him; but all he wants is Fahyma. So far he has been posting Fahyma’s photos on his social media pages; but word has it, that the mother of one is still focused on ex. Wow. How now?

Anyway check out some of the posts H Baba has been sharing on his social media pages.


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