“Alafu tunaka kujua mama ya mtoto” fans react after Bahati introduces his biological daughter

If there is a secret that was kept well then it’s Bahati’s biological daughter. After the singer introduced and paraded her all over his social media pages fans now want to know the mother of his 2 year old baby girl.

Well, this was somehow expected as Bahati had never introduced any of his girlfriends before until Diana Marua came his way. For some reason we all know that she is not the mother of Mueni Bahati since the two just started dating recently and for this reason everyone is now interested in knowing Bahati’s ex or rather baby mama.

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Bahati's girlfriend hanging out with his daughter, Mueni Bahati
Bahati’s girlfriend hanging out with his daughter, Mueni Bahati

From the comments left by fans…others congratulated the singer for acting mature while others couldn’t help but bash him for acting ‘too holy’ when he has been ‘fornicating’ all these years. Anyway below are some of the comments from his fans.

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