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Alcoholics Are Turning Sunday Into A Drinking Day

December 02, 2022 at 20:57
Alcoholics Are Turning Sunday Into A Drinking Day

Despite the fact that Kenyans are high tax payers struggling to make ends meet, we’re among the happiest nations in the world.
We have faced lots of hardships economically, but we remain happy despite the latter.
Additionally, we’re party animals, who can splash thousands on alcohol and having fun. It’s what makes us even happier, and we don’t give a damn about the political regime.

We have witnessed sporadic periods of inflation but we still try to make ends meet.

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Sunday Service

Recently, Nairobi Governor Sakaja banned night clubs operating around residential areas. This sparked a debate on whether churches should also be closed around residential areas. Bear in mind nowadays not most people fancy religion. But clubbing is the deal of the day for most netizens.

They have turned a worshipping day into a drinking day. The drinking spree has made Kenyans embrace partying more & more.

The weekend is normally a day of having fun by drinking with friends and family. And Sunday is now part of it.
Clubs are now taking over the Sunday service(s), where netizens are supposed to worship and bond. It’s killing our culture. But no one cares anyway. Instead, churches are now being prioritized over clubs by Nairobi Governor. But the numbers are in clubs. Maybe he should re-consider the decision. Most Kenyans have proved to be happy with alcohol.


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