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Alex Mwakideu finally comes clean on rumours claiming he cheated on wife

August 18, 2020 at 17:07
Alex Mwakideu finally comes clean on rumours claiming he cheated on wife

Alex Mwakideu a few months was exposed for allegedly having an affair with Irene Barungi, who also works at Milele FM.

The expose done by Edgar Obare portrayed Mwakideu as a good liar who knows how to hide his tracks. Despite the stories going viral Mwakideu maintained his silence until just recently when he opened up sharing his side of the story!

Speaking to his listeners during his morning show, Alex Mwakideu started off by acknowledging that the truth always sets someone free and this is what he had now decided to do! He went on to say;

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There is a sense of peace you have when you say the truth. Recently I was trending on social media. There was a ‘ngamia’ I don’t know that wrote a story about me.

Just like the rest we have heard from before, the presenter denied having cheated on his wife and mother of his children; but blamed the ‘blogger’ for spreading lies through his platform.

Unlike Jalang’os exposè, Mwakideu was lucky to have Kenyans behind him – as most still don’t believe that the church man with good morals is capable of cheating on his wife. And for this reason Mwakideu went on to add;

But Kenyans supported me a lot saying “Mwakideu can never do such things.’ But the truth is, all those that were written did not happen. I tried to explain to the mother of my children not to believe such stories because they were not true.

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Mrs Mwakideu’s reaction

Although I can tell you that Mwakideu must have put in  some hard work – trying to convince his wife about his alleged infidelity; especially with receipts from the IG slay queens…. the presenter managed to save his family at last.

He went on to add;

It reached a point I said my whole truth without hiding anything. She listened, there were done things that hurt her a bit; but she was happy I said the truth and from there we were at peace.

Like I said, I bet this is wasn’t as easy as he narrated it – but being a wise man at least he owned up to his mistakes!


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