Ali Kiba explains why he doesn’t live a flamboyant life like other artists 

Singer Ali Kiba doesn’t live a flashy lifestyle because it’s a choice. Speaking to Global TV, the hitmaker noted that should he decide to lead a flashy lifestyle, everyone would be shocked.

Ali Kiba said that leaving a simple life helps him interact with his fans and also keep a lot about his life away from the media.

“Kwa sababu tunaishi maisha ambayo yako real, mimi naishi kama nyinyi mnavyo ishi, mimi siishi ki-star. Nikisema niishi ki-star mtaniogopa kwa sababu naeza kuishi ki-star,” said Kiba.


Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz

Kiba, who has been beefing with Diamond for a long time now, also went on to say that artists should put their egos aside and work together.

“No niliji-engage na football kwa sababu ya business, I’m a businessman now, lakini vile vile nafanya muziki, niko serious kabisaa, I’m a musician not a footballer. Niliji-engage tu na football kwa sababu ya business yangu ya energy drink,” he said.

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