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Ali Kiba the cheat! How to avoid getting caught cheating

April 17, 2020 at 19:31
Ali Kiba the cheat! How to avoid getting caught cheating

Ali Kiba is currently under the microscope after a hitherto unknown female stepped out from the closet and announced that she is his secret lover and she has the receipts to prove as much.
Understandably, this is a move that saw the usually silent and languid Ali Kiba post a photo of himself with his wife Amina Khalef that would seem like an innocuous one but since we know just how subliminal Ali Kiba can be, we know better.
ali kiba
And whether the allegation is true or false, we have seen yet another celebrity get outed for alleged infidelity. For Ali Kiba this allegation is particularly bad because just last year, his marriage was strained and his wife Amina exited their matrimonial home.
ali kiba messages

Messages between Alikiba and Diva

This got me thinking, how did Ali Kiba get himself into this pile of excrement? Assuming the allegations are true, how did this great crooner not know how to cover his tracks? That is what I am here to teach you. How to cover your tracks better. We are not going to debate the moral alignment of the advice, I am simply telling you what to do because you have already decided to pull that trigger -like Ali Kiba is alleged to have.

1. Get a trap phone
This should be the first rule out of common sense. You never use your personal phone to sweet talk and sext. That is an amateur mistake. You need to know that phone is always subject to scrutiny. So what you do is get a trap phone that you keep hidden in your car.
2. Don’t alter your behaviour
Stop changing things like your cologne, stop switching your schedule and stop altering your behaviour. you simply act like everything is normal. And that is easy to do when you’re in control of the relationship.

3. Don’t send Mpesa
One of the easiest ways for men -especially married men- to get caught, is by sending Mpesa to their lovers. Now all she needs to do is to provide that trail to your partner and your goose is cooked.

4. Stop sending nudes
Do I really need to explain this?!

Ali Kiba and Amina Khalefs

Ali Kiba and Amina Khalefs

5. Do not use your house or car
Are you dumb? Of course people will recognize your car. And the way slay queens have a penchant for taking photos showcasing the digs they are in, you know you will get busted and it’s only a matter of time.

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