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Alikiba releases new single titled ‘Dodo” (Video)

April 10, 2020 at 10:14
Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Alikiba surprises fans with a good come back ‘Dodo.’ Dodo is a Swahili term a number of us know which refers to a good ripe mango.

In this new love hit , Alikiba compares ‘Dodo’ to a beautiful girl. As ‘dodo’ means a well ripen mango, the love songs describe the girl too. A girl whose been brought up well and thus very ripe for marriage.

Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Dodo is a love song

Dodo love song promises the beautiful woman all that she desires in life.

Alikiba introduces ‘dodo’ by explaining how love should be. “Kupenda ni vitendo, si maneno maneno ndio nakupa kitengo kwa kufika malengo…” A beautiful narration on which many don’t know actions speak louder in love, than words.

Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Also, goes ahead to tell the girl how her beautiful actions really won his heart. Through all this, he thus thinks it’s better to make her his wife. He promises to take good care of her for she’s passed through all the tests.

To add on, in the chorus part of ‘dodo’ praises the beautiful lady for winning his heart. Alikiba thus appreciates the love.

Simply, ‘Dodo’s being a short narration of a love story. The videography has been well captured with a wedding background of it.

In addition, the video, it shows the royal life he would give his ‘dodo’ in the wedding theme. There’s also a traditional theme of culture of good upbringing. The video as well has captured Hamisa Mobetto who’s playing the beautiful girl ‘dodo’ role.

In conclusion, this hit was well served to us by the legend. It should be a lesson to many who want or have fallen in love. The lyrical flow is what you’d love to sing and listen all time for it was perfectly captured. Salute! To our fans, we appreciate your views below as well.

Last but not least, The song gets a rating of 8/10.


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