Alikiba’s former side chick allegedly fired from popular radio (details)

Image: Alikiba’s former side chick

Rumor has it that Diva the Bawse who was a radio presenter at Clouds FM has been fired after exposing her relationship with Alikiba!

The lass who left many talking on social media, went public about her relationship with Alikiba leaving many shocked!

Kiba’s ex

According to the lady, she has been on an on and off relationship with Alikiba for 10 years; and after much thought, she finally decided to walk out on the guy.

As seen on her posts, Diva claimed that she dumped Alikiba hoping he would focus on his wife. However word making rounds is that Diva moved on with one of the artists who resigned from Kiba’s label just a few days ago.

Diva fired

Away from that, Ms Diva the Bawse is currently jobless after her bosses allegedly fired her for speaking about Kiba.

Kiba with his wife, Amina

Fans on social media learnt about this through an incredible source who confirmed that Diva is now out of work! She later on confirmed this by editing her Instagram bio where she removed the clouds FM link!

Clouds FM’s family

Despite leaving the radio station, miss Diva revealed that Clouds FM will continue being part of her family no matter the circumstances!


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