Alikiba’s former side chick brutally trolled for over editing photos

Diva the boss has not been having it easy ever since revealing that Alikiba was had been her man until December 2019.

According to her posts, Alikiba dated her as a side chick for 10 years but after realizing their relationship wasn’t headed anywhere; she then decided to dump the guy who seems attached to her.

Anyway, Diva the boss has since moved on with one of the boys who quit Alikiba’s music label; and from the look of things, she seems somehow confused with everything happening around her.

Kiba and Diva online war

Team Kiba trolling Diva

Apart from that, exposing Alikiba was one of the greatest mistakes Diva ever committed. This can easily be seen through the many Kiba fans who have been leaving nasty comments below her photos.

As seen on her latest post, it seems that Diva is no longer attractive to the Kiba gang who continue referring to her as Kigakula; which means wicked witch in Swahili.

Diva the boss

Well apart from just being called this, the fans got a bit too nasty as they threw shade at the lady for over editing her photos. Some referred to her  as a white ghost since she seems to have over filtered her photo; leaving her looking some type of way.

It’s however not the first time Diva is throwing such edits on her photos. For some reason the clouds FM radio presenter portrays low self esteem; which leaves fans wondering what really attracted Alikiba towards her.

Judging from ruthless these fans seem to be behaving towards Lulu; it’s not clear as to whether her career as an entertainer in Tz will really survive before this Corona pandemic ends.


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