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‘Aliwacha filter SA’ Zari Hassan ruthlessly trolled over new photos

June 03, 2021 at 11:39
Zari cover

Whenever Zari is in Tanzania, social media pages especially Instagram get flooded with her photos; but we always tend to see a difference between her normal photos and that from Paparazzi.

Zarina Hassan

Of course this is because those taken by Paparazzi are raw unedited material; while the ones posted by the boss lady are from either Snapchat or a photo editor application.

Her recent visit to bongo has once again given fans a reason to talk mostly because the Zari seen in these pictures is different from the one we are used to. The new photos show an aging Zari – and expected Tanzanians had to step in and make use of this opportunity.

Zari minus filters

Although these photos tend to make the boss lady look different or rather old; word has it that she actually looks 20 years younger when you see her in person.

Most fans who have had the chance to mingle with her couldn’t let haters dim Zari’s light as most defended her beauty; saying those spreading the photos clearly have malicious agendas.

Anyway checkout these photos below.


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