All hell breaks loose after Milly WaJesus catches husband in ‘cheating act’ (Video)

Image: All hell breaks loose after Milly WaJesus catches husband in ‘cheating act’ (Video)

The WaJesus couple has found themselves at a tight spot after Milly unleashed evidence to support her claims that her husband has been cheating on her.

The couple was out to have a a number of issues of their brand new Audi Q5 sorted at the garage before things took an interesting turn.

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The two had good conversations with their mechanic, had the various car changes made and were ready to leave.

On getting back to their car, Milly allegedly finds a flurry of calls and messages between her husband and one Joan who lives in Parklands and straight away confronts him.

The drama series

Unable to take her allegations, Kabi leaves to go and explain to his mechanic what has just transpired and tries to explain himself out.

Niko na kaissue kidogo. Milly analeta za ovyo. Kuna dame flani alikuwa ananicall sa Milly anafikiria nacheat na yeye. Nikimwelezea, hataki kuskia,” he explains.

Yummy mummy, Milly WaJesus

A vexed Milly jumps out of the car and goes to lash out at her husband who is busy trying to defend himself even though she clearly has evidence.

According to her, the few times he had claimed to be going to the garage on his own, were the opportunities he used to meet up with his Parklands side chick.

“I don’t feel safe letting him come to the garage anymore. I just can’t trust Kabi,” she admits to the mechanic.

Kabi WaJesus loses his grandfather

“Ati mimi nakuja na dame huku? Si ni wewe tu!” Kabi tries to defend.

“That day you got a call from your friend then you lied to me that you came to the garage! Why are you lying?” Milly rants.

Milly suddenly loudly bursts into tears and makes the whole place tense.

“Mimi nataka kumalizia hapa!” she declares.

Milly WaJesus

Meanwhile, Kabi is trying to show his phone records just to prove he has not been cheating on her but who is Milly? She now literally shouts back at her husband, crying.

“Love huwezi kuwa unadanganya watu marriage works na saa hizo hizi ndio vitu unafanya! Apana!”

A shaken Kabi WaJesus tries to pull her back and contain her tantrums but nothing is working.

Have a look at how the prank went down;


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