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All jokes aside, Baba Diamond Platnumz needs help and support

January 18, 2021 at 16:15
All jokes aside, Baba Diamond Platnumz needs help and support

Diamond Platnumz’ world has been rocked after it was made public knowledge that Baba Diamond isn’t his biological father. According to Kendra Michaels Sanura, Salim Nyange is actually Diamond’s father and not Abdul Naseeb Snr.

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This has elicited mixed relations from all over East Africa as everyone rushes to weigh in on the matter. On the one hand, Baba Diamond (Abdul Naseeb Snr) is receiving a lot of sympathies and on the other hand, people are falling over themselves calling out Mama Diamond for the callous manner in which she revealed this news and the fact that she hid it for so long. Yep, she hasn’t won herself any friends or fans.

Baba Diamond

Baba Diamond Platnumz

But the one thing no one seems to be realizing is the fact that Baba Diamond Platnumz has suffered trauma. The revelation that the child, Abdul Naseeb Jnr wasn’t his was humiliating enough. But the sadistic manner in which she released the information is something we should be concerned about.

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What do I mean? Well, Baba Diamond has been mentally tortured and publicly humiliated to the point he actually needs to get some counselling done. I get it that it is all fun and games when it comes to the drama Mama Diamond has created, it is all celebrity gossip when it comes to Diamond’s personal life but at some point, this drama takes a toll on real lives.

Baba Diamond

Baba Diamond trying to live his life

Given African culture, humiliation is going to not only debase Baba Diamond but has called into question and cast a shadow on his dignity and self-worth because he is a man. And the main concern I have is that while he is smiling during these interviews he is doing, he is not addressing the toll this negative attention has had on his emotions and mental wellbeing.

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I saw Harmonize talking about the entire matter and in truth, what Kenda Sanura has done is make Baba Diamond fodder for the canons her son’s enemies have trained at him. It now becomes easy for Diamond’s rivals to make it a charitable mission to help or associate with Diamond Platnumz’ father and then subsequently make him a circus monkey, performing for the gallery. Why Baba Diamond was thrust into this mess is really a matter that only Diamond Platnumz’ mother can address.

Baba Diamond

Baba Diamond

This is actually quite an oppressive method of abuse because it has taken away Baba Diamond’s father’s capacity to remain far removed from Mama Diamond’s machinations. He cannot simply go about his life because whenever this woman needs to nurse her sadism, she can easily drag him into more garbage. This level of powerlessness is something only a counsellor can help him address.

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At the end of the day, we know the problem is Sanura Michaels Kendra or whatever the hell Diamond’s mother calls herself these days. We know the solution; getting Baba Diamond some professional help. But who is going to actually step forth and help this man?

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