‘All Women Are Gold Diggers, Including Your Mother’- Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe’s antics in denigrating people’s way of life can’t go un-noticed. Well, at some point, the fella seems to be right in a couple of aspects.

But not everyone thinks he’s actually making sense. He may go overboard at some point, making uncouth statements that provoke. He’s been termed to be a mysogynist a couple of times since he mostly attacks women.

Kibe recently divulged that all women are actually gold-diggers, regardless of their age;

He stated on one of his videos;

”They are all gold-diggers, including your mother. Ask your father, he will tell you… All they want is money. That’s all they want. ”

Sounds provoking, right? But the latter may be true. Otherwise, Kibe is a freak who doesn’t mind speaking his mind on anything. Watch his video here

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