Alleged side chick sends Frasha’s wife message about ‘their Fisi husband’

An upcoming artist identified as Phieso Afficial has left many talking; after disclosing details of her affair with veteran genge rapper, Frasha.

As seen on the many screenshots taken from her IG stories; (before deactivating her account) we understand that she painted 45 year old Frasha as abusive man who beat her up – after suggesting they use protection.

Phieso the young lady who has exposed Frasha’s Fisi ways

Well, this sounds absurd especially with the rise of HIV/AIDs in our community; and Nairobi being one big bedroom – I guess playing safe might just be the new in-thing among the youths.

But Frasha allegedly did not like this idea.

Phieso to Frasha’s wife

Now that her relationship with Frasha has ended in tears after the beating; Phieso decided to send Frasha’s wife a message where she wrote;

  Aki nahurumia bibi yake mbaya. But si ni life. Y’all at home thinking ua men are faithful but “nasema woi woi woi jua ni kubaya”

Phieso to Frasha’s wife

Not quite sure why she felt the need to drag Frasha’s wife into the mess; but like the proverb goes – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It’s also sad to see the veteran rapper involved with small girls (with nothing to lose) willing to drag his name; in mud after years of low key, scandalous and successful free career.

But again, we live to learn!

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