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“Almasi is dead” Former Machachari actor tells off fans 

November 06, 2017 at 15:51
Ian Nene

Ian Nene who is popularly known as Almasi from Machachari has come to tell fans that the young innocent boy they knew from the show is dead and should stop comparing him with the TV character.

This comes shortly after fans rushed to comment on a video uploaded on his instagram page and from it’s contents not many could believe how different he has now become.

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Ian Nene however did not care what his fans thought of him and decided to respond to one his fans comments which read saying “I miss the innocent boy from Machachari”. From Ian’ comment he did not care about the role he played on the Machachari show as he went on to respond saying “he died”.

Ian Nene's comment

Ian Nene’s comment

Other fans also joined in to call out the former actor but judging from his attitude, the fella has clearly became somebody different and has forgotten where he came from, right?



  1. This kid is going through a phase he needs guidance

  2. OK boy live your life

  3. Kijana punguza weed

  4. He seems troubled

  5. This kid needs to be left alone for now

  6. To hell with his life.

  7. But the younger one was more lovely.

  8. Please Ian Nene open up something is bothering you,,down deep your heartyou need a listening ear.dont listen to what you want to hear please son seek guidance

  9. I just donno wat to tell u… kam back ….u have tym

  10. Give him time.. He will decide on his own.

  11. Aki I love you even I was shocked to see you like that am a teenager like you please came back home where you belong have mercy on ur mom love U

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