Almasi finally addresses rumors claiming he is gay!

Image: Almasi

It is secret that former Machachari actor Almasi also known as Ian nene has changed from the innocent young boy we all watched grow….thanks to the local TV show.

He changed from an innocent boy to a totally different teenage boy who wears a bullring and one that paints his nails – something that left many questioning his sexual orientation.

Most of his fans were pretty much convinced that he was gay but he chose to ignore this until just recently when a fan left a comment under his photo pleading with him to come out since it was ‘clear’ to see that his behavior was not that of a straight man. The fan wrote;

“@ian_nene I love gays. I’ve never had anything against gays. I even know a gay guy vhen I see one and trust me I noticed you one during the machachari days. Just hoping you’re not in the ‘closet’ or In denial. Always be yourself and never let anyone look down on you or judge you for anything. NEVER!, We’re all human everyone has their wrongs so no one should ever tell you nothing.”

Surprisingly, Ian actually responded with a statement that brushed off the rumors claiming he was now ‘playing’ for the same team. He wrote,


“you’re just wrong girl. You noticed wrong girl. My apologies. Truth is you don’t know a gay guy when you see one. And I am not gay LOL. You are the people we need to change. tHIS MINDSET OF THINKING YOU KNOW SOMEONE JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM IS MESSED UP.”

But question still remains, why is he dressing like a woman? Anyway controversy always sells, right?

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