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Almasi from Machachari reveals how his mum’s chronic medical condition pushed him into depression

July 28, 2022 at 12:04
Almasi from Machachari reveals how his mum’s chronic medical condition pushed him into depression

Y’all remember Almasi from TV show Machachari right? Well if you don’t then I guess you’ve been living under the rock cause half of Nairobi’s youngins grew up watching that show.

The Machachari crew

I mean, how else would you explain how we know the likes of Baha and Govi….these kids changed the film industry in entertainment  industry. For once – we had a show that we’d look forward to after school….and okay…truthfully after the Swahili news.

Anyway Almasi who was kind of the main character back then seemed a little spoilt, sassy and yea – he brought the cool kid vibe to the show. Trust me looking back, no one assumed in a few years the handsome boy would become a monk.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

However it did happen and this after expressing depression caused by his mum’s health condition which led to some good soul searching.

Stage 4 cancer

Anyway speaking recently on a podcast, Ian Nene popularly known as Almasi revealed that his life changed after learning his mum was battling stage 4 cancer. To him it sounded unreal – like how comes – she’s a good Christian lady who helped many; and now is battling a chronic medical condition? How?

My mum told me that the doctors said she had stage four breast cancer. I am a Mama’s boy. My mum raised me single-handedly, my dad was never around my life.

What many didn’t know is that at the time, Ian Nene had started experiencing with weed and other drugs just for fun; I mean – he was finally living on his own in the UK plus this is campus life. Live life. Live high.

So upon learning about the sickness, he then resulted to getting high often.

I started getting higher even more, I asked God why He had allowed my mum to suffer, ‘If you truly exist, why do you allow bad things to happen to good people. My mum here serves everyone and even people outside the community she helps so many people yet she is the one getting cancer.

But luckily for him, he found another interest…that is learning about Monks – something that wildly opened his mind on how the universe works; hence replacing what he’d been taught on religion.


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