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Alone Together: Sauti Sol members take a break from each other

October 08, 2021 at 14:45
Alone Together: Sauti Sol members take a break from each other

Sauti Sol brothers, Bien Aime, Savara Mudigi, Chimano and Fancy Fingers (Polycarp) have decided take a break from the group; as they now focus on solo projects set to be released by December 2021.

The brothers who have blessed fans with amazing music for the past decade made the announcement through their social media pages.

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Sauti Sol

As seen on the post, the ‘Alone together’ break is aimed at helping each one of them reflect on their personal strengths. However, this time around they will help better themselves individually as artists; before coming back to work on their 2022 album set to be released in May.

Alone together

From the post, Sauti Sol describe Alone together as a child of the pandemic; meaning the decision to work on solo projects was born right after Covid 19 pandemic that left most artists in the entertainment industry affected.

Kenyan afro-pop boy band, Sauti Sol

Artists could not release any new projects nor were there resources to help fund them. But now that Sauti Sol understands the importance of always having plan B; they now have given each other space to sharpen their skills; and see what they all bring to the table – but this time around, alone.

 Alone Together is a child of the pandemic. The result of deep reflections that we experienced as individuals; and as a group, leading us to craft the ultimate expansion of our musical and artistic legacies. Thus each of us shall enter into our alone phase with a single release by December 2021. This shall be followed by release of full projects whose dates shall be announced in due time,” reads part of the statement.


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