Amber Lulu: Stop comparing my love Prezzo with Young Dee

Tanzanian socialite has warned people against making comparisons between Prezzo and Young Dee. Amber Lulu says the comparison is a mockery to Prezzo.

For starters, Prezzo is dating Amber Lulu while at the same time he is said to be romantically involved with Kenyan rapper Noti Flow.

Amber Lulu used to date Tanzanian rapper Young Dee before Prezzo came into the picture. Lulu and Young Dee broke up in September this year.

Amber Lulu and Young Dee

It’s an insult to Prezzo

Amber Lulu says comparing her ‘husband’ Prezzo and her ex Young Dee is an insult to her sweetheart. The video vixen says Young Dee and Prezzo should not be compared because they are two different people in different levels.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

“Usimfananishe mume wangu na watu wengine kwa sababu unakuwa unamkosea adabu, kwa hiyo Young Dee ni Prezzo usiwakee kabisa pamoja kwa sababu ni watu wawili ambao hawezi kuendana hata kidogo,” said Amber Lulu.



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