Amber Ray And Vera Sidika Are All About Showbiz

Amber Ray and Vera have been topping the charts over their bitter beef where they’re conspicuously flaunting who’s richer than the other.

Amber Ray ignited the beef after stating how she helped Vera to carter for her baby’s needs.

” Dear Veri Saidika,

I call people by their proper titles so that nothing is left to speculation. You are my enemy. I said this expecting you to play the victim card which you pull-out to garner sympathy votes. Don’t worry though, I’m not interested in anything from you because you know I know where you got the money from…”

Amber Ray continued to claim that all Vera does is live a fake life and lie to her followers about how wealthy she is yet she doesn’t pay her bills.

Their beef escalated to a point of roping in Vera’s reaction. She shared a series of responses on her Instagram; adding receipts that she settles her bills; including hundreds of thousands that she spends on her kid occasionally.

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