Amber Ray desperate for a husband? Socialite steps out in gorgeous bridal wear (Photo)

Image: Amber Ray

Socialite Amber Ray is portraying signs and symptoms of a desperate lady looking for a husband. Okay, we understand times are hard and so are the men in our society. I mean – look at it this way – women now have to compete with men for men.

Gerrit? Nikubaya, it’s either sharing which is no different from going back to the street and even Amber Ray can tell you life is no longer what it used to be. Just the other day, the lass was out here looking for a husband….just a wealth one and she’s good.

Amber Ray getting married?

Well barely 24 hours and Amber Ray is posting what appears to be her bridal photos. Wait…that was abit too fast, right? Or – that’s how it works?

I mean – you just go asking for a husband on Instagram and pap you got him?

Okay, maybe it works. Remember Risper Faith telling ladies not to ignore DM’s…. Because If she had ignored Brian – today she wouldn’t be living in her mansion. At 30 years.

Amber creating hype

Well maybe it worked for her – but then again – we all have our paths right? There are those who get lucky and some like Amber Ray who sample and songa….. soko ni ngumu.

Anyway all I can say for now is that chances are Amber Ray is hyping a new project and although her ‘I want a husband’ statement might be clout – I am sure deep down she dreads growing old alone.

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