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Amber Ray explains alleged romantic relationship with Eric Omondi’s best-friend

September 28, 2021 at 15:24
Amber Ray explains alleged romantic relationship with Eric Omondi’s best-friend

A lot has been said about Amber Ray and one thing many keep insisting on is that just like her friend Phoina; these two are good at snatching people’s spouses – and they don’t care!

A while back Amber Ray was said to have bewitched Zaheer who married her for a couple of years; only for it to end in tears and apparently nothing to show from her union with the politician.


In 2019, Amber was once again linked to yet another married man, Syd; who took her for a vacation in Greece ; and just like her relationship with Zaheer – this too ended as soon as it had started.

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Amber and Jimal

The most popular scandal is that of 2021 where Amber got involved with Jimal; ‘snatching’ him away from his wife Amira – and truth is – things got so ugly!

But like the rest of the relationships – rumor has it that it also ended in tears as Jimal decided to rekindle his love with wifey. Alaaar this looks more like a pattern.

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Anyway, with all the named ballers above; Amber has now been linked to a not so rich man, Antonio; who is far from her type. You know the wealth good life etc…



Well rumor has it that Antonio who is Eric Best Friend has been warming Amber Ray’s bed; and trust me the rumor wouldn’t have been sparked without some proof.

However responding to a fan inquiring about her relationship with the guy; Amber for some reason denied him like Judas did to Jesus on that fateful night. This is after she was asked;

Is it true you’re dating Antonio?

And in response Amber said;

🤣🤣🤣Nop…..he is my manager and a friend


Wait, she said Manager. Really? Since when Amber?

Anyway – now you know!


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