Amber Ray Explains Her Beef With Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has kept on tossing conceal at individual socialite and unscripted television star Vera Sidika.

Talking with Dr Ofweneke, Amber Ray said she could do without Vera and both of them are not in great terms.

Amber guaranteed that some time back her closest friend was truly there for Vera Sidika and helped her so much yet when she died, Vera was absent to grieve her, neither did she contribute anything to help with the memorial service.

Early this year, Amber shared the motivation behind why she is furious with Vera and the explanation she freely uncovered her contempt for her.

As per Amber Ray, when Vera moved to Mombasa, she continued calling their friend saying she was so penniless yet she actually held a baby shower for her girl Asia.
Amber said their friend likewise covered Vera’s clinic bill and employed a Limo to take Vera to an outfitted condo in Kilimani since Vera didn’t have a home in Nairobi.

She added that her reason for hating Vera is when the companion passed on in 2021, Vera didn’t appear to mind so a lot and was basically missing regardless of all the assistance their friend concurred her.

Last year Amber Ray her issue with Vera by saying she thinks that she is phony and without a spotless heart.

The debate was supposedly fuelled by Vera dating Brown Mauzo who was sincerely engaged with Amber a couple of years prior. Vera anyway rubbished the cases saying that Amber and Brown Mauzo were business partners.

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