Amber Ray Gushes Over New Lover (Photo)

Amber Ray has been great when it comes to replacing men over & over. You just can’t stop her from loving whoever she pleases. Moreover, she doesn’t seem to be heartbroken by any of the men she leaves.

From the likes of Jimal, Kabba, Amber has shown she has good taste when it comes to men- not forgetting how rich they are. The latter led to speculations that Amber aliomoka with the help of wababa. Rumour has it that the Jeep she owns is Jimal’s ride. She always refutes the claims.

Amber With New Catch

That being said, the self-proclaimed president of 2nd wives has bagged herself a new catch and she’s letting you know that he’s a gentleman.

She posted a photo with him and captioned:

“Who you are experiencing life with in this moment is more critical now more than ever. With so much happening around and directly to us, choose your love, your friends, your safe spaces from those who can give you the tenderness and nudging that you deserve and need”


Sweet Revenge

Slightly away from that, Amber was recently at woe with her former co-wife Amira- who claimed she left Jimal for her and warned her against interacting with her son. Maybe Amber has flaunted the new guy to show Amira that she’s capable of replacing Jimal.

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