Amber Ray Is Not Over Amira And Jamal

Amber Ray is clearly not done with her troubles with Amira and Jamal Roho Safi and it shows. We can tell because every time Amira shares something about her situation with her husband and the nice things they do for each other, she has something to say.

Don’t Judge My Life On What I Post- Amber Ray

And it is never anything worth the effort it took to log onto her IG account and comment about it.

When it’s done, she then gaslights all her fans who are smart enough to question why she is busy sending missives at Amira. Because at the end of the day, Amira is Jamal’s lawfully wedded wife. Amber Ray, therefore, has no reason to be jealous.

Bitterness galore? Socialite Amber Ray back to trolling Amira over Jimal Rohosafi

Well, there is that and the fact that she claimed that she was over their relationship. Yup, remember how she was busy letting us all in on the fact that her life had moved on and she was back on these streets looking for the next man.

We have now arrived at the point where I advise people to get therapy. She clearly has attachment issues. There is no real reason why she would still be reacting almost in tandem to whatever Amira or Jamal Roho Safi posts -well unless she is still involved with their family.

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And if that is the case, then she does indeed need to try and fix their relationship offline. If that is not what she needs, then she needs to start intensive therapy. Because this is not a good look for Amber Ray.

Wait, what am I saying, she is a problematic personality so this is in tune with her brand. This is really who she is simply extended to her digital platform.

It’s still not a good look for anyone. Being the stalker type of ex -constantly watching what your ex does. Constantly involving yourself with their lives from the fringes. And this is why I say people should keep their relationships off the internet. Because it makes seeing the flaws in our stars that much simpler.

At the end of the day though, the day ends and Amber Ray will doubtless continue being a crazy ex with attachment issues who seems to have decided to keep up with the Jonses -sorry, I meant Amira.

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